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Using the 4G network, our solution can deliver broadband in areas where connection speeds are currently limited. No longer will you need to make do with slow broadband that can put you at a disadvantage.

Fed by the 4G signal, our service is able to provide broadband to PCs and mobiles whether they are 4G compatible or not. With no need to dig up roads or pavements, our dedicated Engineers will install your 4G outdoor Router in one day. This will include agreed mounting cable management connection to your network. Once this is complete they will optimise the Router to maximise your signal strength. Testing will be undertaken to conclude the install and ensure customer satisfaction.

Following trials in Cumbria with EE over the last 12 months, businesses that took part are already seeing the difference. The service is allowing them to market their businesses more effectively, increasing their efficiency and in turn boosting customer interest.

One business owner commented, ‘We are saving 14 hours a week devoting more time to business development, enquires are up 30% and we are able to respond quicker and be more competitive. The connection has helped our children with their education and will make starting a home business possible for many more.

The BBC has recently also highlighted 4G as an alternative solution for rural broadband issues.

 Access Broadband can provide superfast broadband within a day.


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